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                                                            Housing System


                                                            Ductworks are laid in the wall, taking up no space.The wall is stuffed with insulating materials, and the exterior wall is laid with XPS boards and structural boards which are insulating materials. Breathing paper and gypboard in the interior wall can adjust indoor humidity intelligently and will make life more comfortable.

                                                            2,Floor Framing

                                                            Composite floor of OSB board and BBS rib floor framing, solid and durable.A variety of ductworks and pipelines are installed inside the floor, which will reduce the building’s storey‐height occupancy. The interlayer is stuffed with insulating materials, making thermal and acoustic insulations more effective.

                                                            3, Roof Framing

                                                            Uniquely designed interlayer, water‐proof and storm‐resistant, can provide nature texture. Unique ventilation equipment on roof can provide the house with fresh‐air at any time.
                                                            Utilizing LGS structure can cut down foundation cost in large scale for its light weight. BBS structure can be fixed onto foundations such as strip foundation, raft foundation and box foundation. Unique anchoring system can produce an efficient and reliable connection between foundation and main parts of buildings.Foundation of dampproof design can efficiently prevent underground moisture and harmful gas from invading.

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