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                                                                Shaoxing Bossen Building Systems Co., Ltd., specializes in green integrated housing systems, including R&D, design, manufacture, construction and trade, whose manufacturing base is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Our products and services are as follows: LGS green integrated housing system, box house, LGS joist, LGS plant and warehouse, and villa design. With professional design group, excellent production and installation team, and combining the integrated concepts from home and abroad, we can provide our customers with on package service from design to installation to make you own a green and environment-friendly house with high quality easily.
                                                            All of our products are produced in factory, installed on site with high speed. Besides, the dry construction will leads to less environment pollution with low labor cost. It only takes not a very long time for the customers to move in a warm and comfortable new house.

                                                                Our enterprise is aimed at offering the customers first ranking service all the way by creditable managing and customers highest. The products are not only found in domestic market, but sold in Africa, Europe, Middle Asia etc. Bossen is looking forward to cooperating with you hand in hand to create a better future.


                                                                                                                                    LGS Housing

                                                                LGS villa: By use of advanced western LGS housing technology, Bossen can provide you with one package service, including design, production, and installation. LGS housing enjoys a series of advantages, such as environmental protection, convenient installation, excellent earthquake-resistance, good thermal insulation etc. so it’s used for villas, low-rise apartments, small office buildings, sales offices, motels and so on. We deeply convinced that our products and service can meet your requirements with experienced designers and engineers.


                                                                                                                                    LGS Joist

                                                                LGS Joist: With the features of environmental protection, convenient installation, low price, LGS joist can be widely use in office buildings, hotels, house suspended ceiling and wall decoration. Bossen takes excellent galvanized steel coil, specializing in the production of DU38, DU50, DC60, DC50, QC50, QU50, QC75, QU75, QC100, QU100 and so on, which can meet both GB or non-standard. Sincerely welcome to join us, to be our agent.


                                                                                                                                    Box House

                                                                Prefabricated Box House: Our prefabricated box house will be finished, including interior decoration, in factory. It can be transported by land and sea. After arrival of the prefabricated box house to the job site, people can move in after simple lifting and fabrication, which is very fast and convenient. Mainly provide the kinds as below:
                                                            Standard 40FQ Box House
                                                            Standard 40FQ Consolidated Box House
                                                            Non-standard Box House
                                                            Meanwhile, we can provide customized ones, whose interior can be adjusted based on your specific requirements.


                                                                                                                        LGS Plant & Warehouse

                                                                LGS plant & warehouse: Regarding light webrigidframe as its main steel structural system, the materials for the structure, roof and wall space mainly take metal, for example, steel structure and painted metal contour plate. With large building space, flexible partition and low cost, LGS plant & warehouse can be used for a variety of low-rise light industrial plants and warehouse.

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